Erika Lemay

Canadian born Erika Lemay has become a beautifully disruptive icon in the world of live performance, using her body in ways that defy both gravity and human possibilities. Her journey has taken her from her first ballet class at the age of four, to winning awards and gaining worldwide success and recognition. Erika is recognized as a world-class artist, and her lifestyle is that of an Olympic athlete as she performs across all five continents with no off-season.

She is also a highly coveted brand ambassador, public speaker and cause activist. She has performed extensively as a soloist guest star with Cirque du Soleil and is an Arts Ambassador with the non-profit Pensare Oltre. Vanity Fair even nominated Erika as the New Queen of Circus in an interview featuring exclusive pictures by legendary photographer and Hollywood icon-maker Douglas Kirkland, whose latest book ‘Physical Poetry Alphabet’ exclusively portrays Erika’s work.

Every performance is literally a death-defying moment – and she makes it look easy. As the creator of Physical Poetry, Erika claims that ‘Poetry doesn’t have to be expressed with words’.

In 2012, in the midst of a brilliant career and with awards from some of the most important international competitions, Erika made the world understand the meaning of Physical Poetry by creating and performing a complete One-Woman Show, pushing all imaginable boundaries through this 75-minute acrobatic performance, the first of its genre starring only one performer for a full length show of Physical Poetry.

Physical Poetry

With a classical dance background, the best acrobatic (Cirque style) education, a unique sophistication and strong charisma on stage, Erika Lemay soon became known for being a pure Physical Poet.

Physical Poetry is a new art form which aims to share emotions through uncommon and limitless body language. The contortions, aerial stunts and acrobatics become a mean of expression for higher purpose.

Her ability to move any type of audience, her artistry and stunning acrobatics, makes her today, one of the most revered artists around the world.

In the pursuit of a real challenge and a true connection with her audience, Erika Lemay has launched ANIMUS FEMINA; a full One Woman Show.

The first of its genre starring only one performer for a full length show of Physical Poetry, this unusual format for such a physical artist is an ethereal story evolving through the arts of aerial acrobatics, contortion, theatrical interpretation, contemporary dance and visual new technologies adapted to festival and theatres.